About Us

Yüksel / Yerkel & Partners set out with the aim, vision, and determination to become one of the leading law firms in Turkey and the world.

Yüksel / Yerkel & Partners, which was founded in 2007 and has grown steadily every year, continues its activities at the highest standards with its renewed identity and structure in 2021.

Yüksel / Yerkel & Partners, with its experienced lawyers as well as academic and senior consultants who are experts in variouse fields, provides high quality and effective legal services both nationally and internationally to its clients from Turkey and abroad.

Yüksel / Yerkel & Partners, which has an effective international solution partnership network that enables it to serve its clients on the international scale, can provide legal services in the native level in five different languages; English, German, Italian, French and Arabicin addition to Turkish.

One of the most important features that distinguishes Yüksel / Yerkel & Partners is that it does not confine itself with the basic legal services offered, but it offers a great range of specialized and consultancy services. Therefore, our individual and corporate clients can meet all of their additional service necessities in our "one stop shop" office.

Thus, thanks to all of the above-mentioned features distinguishing it, Yüksel / Yerkel & Partners has established a legal service and consultancy portfolio that has reached more than 30 countries thus far.

Yol Tarifi