Employment and Social Security Law

YYP Law Firm's Employment Law Department provides detailed legal services to corporate employer clients in all areas of labour law. Since our lawyers constantly provide consultancy services on current legal issues encountered by employers in their workplaces, they transfer their experiences in legal disputes and practice to their clients operating in different sectors.

Our basic approach in labour law disputes is to resolve legal disputes with amicable out of court solutions in cooperation with the client and in a client-focused manner. We successfully represent our clients at every stage of the judicial process in disputes that are not resolved during the negotiation and compulsory mediation phase. Some of the services we provide within the scope of Employment Law are mentioned below.

• Preparation and Review of the Employment Contracts, Mutual Termination Contracts

• Preparation of Workplace Reports, Request for Submission of Defence, Warnings, Notifications and Termination Notices

• Representation of Clients at Every Stage of Mediation and Litigation Process

• Providing Training for Compliance with prevailing Labour and Social Security Legislation

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