Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

With our legal team experienced in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law, we have been conducting different type of debt collection proceedings stipulated in the law for our domestic and foreign real person and corporate clients to collect their receivables.

In this context, we have been applying different receivable collection methods depending on the type of document on which the client's receivable is based e.g. a court order, a bill of exchange, or a simple written contract. The services provided in this context are outlined below.

• Execution of All Execution Procedures, Starting from the Follow-up Request, to the Payment Order, Finalization of the Follow-up, Seizure, Sale and Sharing of the Money

• Representation of the Client in Mandatory Mediation and Annulment of Objection Cases

• Providing Consultancy to Companies on Concordat and Bankruptcy Law Arrangements

• Resolution of Disputes in the Fields of Concordat and Bankruptcy Law

• Representation of the Client in Restitution Cases in case the Money is unjustly paid to the Claimant

• Representation of the Client in Deferral of Bankruptcy Cases

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Yol Tarifi