General Corporate Law Services

We have been providing following legal consultancy services on corporate governance related matters in daily operation of our corporate clients.

• Handling all aspects of the general assembly meetings both at open joint stock companies whose shares are publicly traded as well as closed JSCs and LLCs; especially convened on appointment of new BoD members, capital increase, share transfer, dividend distribution, merger, de-merger, change of company type and liquidation of the company.

• Managing the whole legal process of Initial Public Offering of the companies at Capital Markets Board and Istanbul Stock Exchange of Turkey; including confirmation and registration of new Articles of Association of the Company, drafting the Independent Legal Report and reviewing the whole prospectus and circular within the meaning of Law on Capital Market numbered 6362

• Preparation of internal directives, power of attorneys, signature circular of the Company and conclusion of all notary public related process

• Incorporation of companies, branches and liaison offices for our local and foreign clients, providing tailor made solutions especially on accounting and company secretarial services with the help of our solution partners

• Litigation services in law suits initiated for cancellation of general assembly meeting minutes and termination of partnerships

Yol Tarifi